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Hi there

I put collars on both my cats for the first time 2 weeks ago (one is a year, the other 8 months). They are both quick release collars and I made sure I could get at least 2 fingers between the collar and the neck. Any looser and they kept getting their jaws caught underneath them. One of them fell off today whilst they were playing and I have noticed a bald ring the width of the collar around the cats neck where the collar used to be. It is not sore or irritating as she will quite happily let me touch her neck, is this normal?


You did not mention if they were flea collars or not.
if they are then some cats can be allergic to them (mine was)

unfortunately kittens do get out of their collars all the time, i have the same problem myself at the moment. i have two male 9 month old cats and they come home without their collars all the time. I am guessing they get them caught and they come off as they are safety collars.

I have my two cats micro chipped in case they get lost and will try the collars again when they are a bit older and have calmed down a bit.

i would say that if the cat is losing fur around the neck that you should either consider trying a different type of collar one the fur is back or not having a collar on at all if they are particularly sensitive to having things around their necks. Flea collars aren't that affective anyway.

best wishes Kate  


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