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Despite scooping daily & changing litter entirely every 5 days, my 12-yr-old male ALWAYS urinates in the box (for which I'm thankful), but has begun to "drop" stools any & everywhere throughout the house.  I first noticed that it would happen immediately after I'd just changed the box.  After a day or two, he'd go back to using the box as usual.  It's now to the point that he never uses the box for stools -- only urine.  I've always used the same litter.  A friend suggested I try clumping litter, as he may actually prefer the box once it has that "used" odor.  I purchased the SAME BRAND of clumping litter.  Unfortunately, he still prefers carpeted floors.  Help!  I'm just about at my wit's end.  I love this big guy, but -- as I get older, along with him -- I don't want to be down on the floor cleaning up feces every day.  Thank you.

I would suggest that this is not due to the litter box at all. Cats prefer clean boxes so the fact that you clean daily I would say that this is not the issue.

It could be due to some other factor which is making him feel the need to scent mark his home. Now this can be a complicated issue and is known as middening. I have written a page to explain this issue and also some ideas on how to try and help your cat overcome this problem. Here is the page


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