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I rescued a male kitten when he was about 3 1/2 months old. He is now 5 months old. Scheduled to be neutered next week. I have a 19 year old female cat I've had since she was the age he is. The problem is although the male kitten is the sweetest loveable cat toward me, he's very aggressive with my senior female. He pounces on her, grabs on to her while biting at her neck and back. He also sometimes starts humping her.  She hates it and makes a lot of noise but never lets him have it which I'm sure she could she's twice his size. I always check her and have never found any punctures or scratches so I don't think he's biting her to hurt her. I feel so sorry for my poor old thing. Why is he doing this? Once he's neutered will this behavior at least become less often?

yes this is normal behavior for a male tom cat. he is practising his mating and this is designed to pin the other cat down rather than hurt her. yes once he is neutered the behavior should stop. Those instincts may still be there occasionally but your female cat will put him in his place if he does get frisky in the future.

but yes this should stop once he is neutered.

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