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Hello Kate :]
I have three things to ask you, two are curiosity and the other is a bit of a problem.

Me, my brother and my mum between us own 5 cats, 7 at the moment with one of my cats kittens included.
The first little thing id like to ask is about my youngest kitty, Gloria. I've had her since she was born as her mum is my other cat, and i was always  drawn to her most out of the litter and ended up keeping her. Lately i noticed that she follows me, room to room, and sometimes sits in the doorway and watches what i do, just observing me. Other times she comes right in and makes a pest of herself trying to get my attention. When im at school or out, she watches my mum, but never goes and tries to get attention, just observes her. I think shes been doing this for quite awhile now, and im just wondering why she does this? Its quite strange, and sometimes a little troublesome, for example i just took a shower and while i was changing she started to scratch aggressivly on the door to get in, and when i let her in she started to rub in my legs and purr loudly.
The other curiosity question is also about Gloria, but not so long. She BEGS to be picked up, sometimes to the point as jumping up at me, or getting on her back legs. I've always picked her up and carried her around for when she was a kitten, do you think i've over spoilt her with this behaviour and now shes become like a child would, constantly wanting to be picked up?

My problem is with my male cat, Gloria's brother. His name is Oliver, and he didnt start out as my cat, he was my dads. The problem i have is for when i move out. Ollie is extremely attached to my mother, and his father Murthy. Unfortinatly Murthy is not my cat, so when i move out i wont be taking him with me, just his mother and sister. Could this cause him distressed? Since his mothers second litter she has pushed him away a lot as he started to try suckle from her [he was 6 months old!]but he spends his nights snuggled up with his sister, so they are still close. Do you have any suggestions what would make the move easier for him?

Thank you!


first of all about your cat Gloria it sounds to me like she may be an over clingy cat and could suffer from separation anxiety.

This is not good for a cat to be attached so much to one person. Unfortunately th answer does require you to give some tough love, i.e not giving her the attention she craves from you. I know this will be hard but it is for her benefit in the long run, she needs to be more independent t to be happy.


I would suggest making her home environment especially times when she may be on her own to be more stimulating.

Please see this page for more ideas on this ( the information is the same regardless if they are indoor cats or out door cats)


As for your other question, well the answer is similar. To make the transition easier for your male cat you need to make sure that he has lost of distraction so that he does not feel lonely etc.

Best wishes KAte  


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