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I had two cats, both two years old, male, black, (neutered) and a female, black & white, (speyed). The female had a very noticeable heart murmur, but despite it, she lived life to the full and was very, very active. Is 2 years a normal life span for cats with this health problem?

The male is very friendly, active and docile, Should I replace the dead female, with another cat of similar age, immediately? Where problems might I expect. (My wife and I are both retired and are both at home quite a lot. We have a large garden.)

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Roy Moore

I am so sorry to hear your sad news. " years old is rather young all i can assume is that her heart was very weak.

as for getting another cat. well unlike humans cats don't necessarily need the company of another cat and indeed they will often see another cat as a threat. It also depends very much on your cat, some cats are very happy to live with a new cat other not. you will have to judge how your cat is with other cats in his area as an indication of this.

Also cats do grieve and need a period to adjust before any other cats are introduced. i have written a web page about this which may be of further interest here


If you do ever decide to get another cat then make sure it is a female and of a similar age to avoid any competition.

best wishes Kate


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