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Cats/benign tumor on siamese cat's forehead


specifically located above the right eye, this is a 16 year old Siamese cat that is otherwise in excellent health.  The tumor bleeds after cat scratches it so now the cat opens and takes off the scabs before complete healing.  He has been treated with steroids, which make him hyper.  Presently, we were advised by the vet to put a cone on him to restrict his movements from scratching.  It has now been four days, the lesion is not completely healed, and the cat is now acting desperate to remove the cone.  Can someone suggest a mild sedative to maintain him calm during this healing process?

My little cat had a benign lump on her ear which she too kept opening up when she scartched. we couldn't put a cone on her either as she would just go mad.  we had the lump surgically removed. i don't know if this is what the vet will do in your position, I guess it has to do with the position of the lump etc.

as for how to keep your cat calm, well the vet should have been able to prescribe you something if the situation warrents it.

if you check out my page for anxious cats here


there is a link to a company called only natural pet store which has several products to help calm cats down just type calm in to their search box.

i hope your cat is better soon. i know how distressing it can be to see your cat in distress.

best wishes Kate


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