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Simon at 13 years
Simon at 13 years  
My cat is 18 years old and his behavior has changed.  Mostly its in his breathing.  It looks and sounds like he is struggling to breath.  It looks hard because his stomach is very apparent going in and out when be breathes. Almost like he is getting ready to throw up something.. And he is constantly making noises when he is breathing even during sleeping.  Its almost like it is a struggle for him to get air.  I took him to the vet and of course they took X-rays and discovered nothing.  The vet seemed as clueless as I am.  What are your thoughts?....Richard

Yikes a clueless vet I hate those. My advice is to find another vet, seriously. I have known many vets in my time, some i would trust with my own life and some i wouldn't give the time too if you know what i mean.

there is definitely something wrong here and considering your cats age illness would not be a surprise. it may or course just be down to the cat being very old and if this is the case a good vet should say this to you after they have done tests etc. When it comes to things like this, a vet should be frank and honest with their clients, it is the only fair thing to do, as worry is a terrible thing.

If your cat is still eating and drinking etc properly then as I say it may just be old age but I would defiantely seek out the opinion of another vet to be on the safe side.

best wishes Kate


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