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I have a male neutered Burmese(indoor only)that loves to lay by my front full glass door. The neighborhood alley male jumps at him and has now started spraying the door and yard. The smell is permeating in the front door and surrounding area.

unfortunately this is the trouble with un neutered tom cats, they will scent everywhere. Sometimes animal charities will neuter stray cats but this does not happen in all areas.

As for how to try and stop this, well it is difficult. you will need to wash the front of your door and step thoroughly using bicarbonate of soda which is a great odour remover. then spray the area with a strong smelling citrus smell this may help to deter the other cat from coming back.

Apart from that, i'm afraid there is not much that you can do. i know its a problem we have a neighbour who will not have her tom cat neutered and all he does every day is go round scenting every where.

best wishes Kate


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