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I found a wade of hair stuck together on my cat.  It's a small wade, which I will call clumping to me.  How can I get it to open up so I can brush that area.  The cat does not flinch when I touch that spot but I can't get through it with a comb or brush.  She won't let me.  She is an indoors cat, but, once in a while I put her in the back yard for a bit.  Can you help me please.  She is 12 yrs. old.

yes this sounds like a matt to be. this where cat hair becomes so entangled that it cannot be brushed out. It can become painful for the cat eventually as the clump will start to pull on the cats delicate skin. this is why it can also be difficult to remove with out hurting the cat.

When mats occur the only thing to do is for it to be cut out. This can be very tricky and really should only be attempted by a professional who has experience of doing this and also has the right equipment.

Pet groomers and your vet can both provide this service.

once the mat is removed to prevent further mats building up it is important to brush the coat at least three times a week, this removes any debris which may be caught in the fur which can be the beginnings of a mat. mats occur in very long haired cats and also more in older cats who may find it harder to groom as well as they once did.

i have a web page about matting of fur for more information here


best wishes Kate


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