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Hi, we have a cat which we took in. She was owned by someone and then they no longer wanted her so we were told. She had been a wild  cat for a while. When we took her in we noticed she used to kill and eat mice, Rabbits and Rats, I know cats play but she once ate all of the mouse. head included.. We give her cat food and she enjoyed it. We have had her for over a year now and just recently she is extremely fussy about her food. She didn't even eat chunks of chicken I bought. I have been thinking weather it means she misses catching and killing the live pray to eat so she done all the work and not have a human just hand her a bowl of food. She does eat sometimes but why has she gone so fussy now? Please help. Many Thanks.

No this is not unusual behaviour it is in fact a survival instinct and is stronger in cats who were once stray.

basically in the wild they cannot rely on one type of prey as if it went they would starve so they have a built in regulator which means that they choose different food from time to time.

It has nothing to do with missing killing her own prey, all cats retain the hunting instinct, it doesn't really relate to their food. Basically when you have a cat like this you have to alternate food on a weekly or so basis, ie fish, then chicken then beef etc it all depends on what your cat likes. tricky i know.

i have a web page about this issue here for more information


best wishes Kate


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