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QUESTION: I adopted a 1 year old female cat a few months ago.  She came from a very hectic household and quickly seemed very lonely.  A friend had a 6 year old cat that needed a home so I took in the second cat.  I introduced them slowly, keeping the second cat in a secure guest room for about 2 days until she seemed comfortable and then let her out while I was home.  Things went well for the first few days - the two cats even got to the point of sitting only about 2 feet away from each other, and playing (alone) but in front of the other.  Then things changed and the first cat (1 year old) started chasing the second cat and now after about 4 days, the second cat barely comes out from under the guest bed and the first cat sits and kinda stalks her.  It seems like the first cat is trying to play but the second cat is declawed and is now very timid.  I feel so bad for the second cat - should I keep trying to make them happy together? If so, how do I do that?  Or should I return the second cat to my friend (I think she could find another home for her).  I really like the second cat but I think she feel terrorized right now!  Help!

i would recommend taking a few steps back wards and spend some time reintroducing them again using the safe method. i.e in short bursts in  safe controlled calm environment. i have described the process on my page here

It does take a little time and effort but does generally help the cats to settle down with each other.

best wishes Kate

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response!  I tried your suggestions - it really didn't work out.  The cat I put in the large crate (with food and a cat-favorite blanket) just screamed to get out and frantically clawed at the cage and the cat outside of the crate would always seem to just sit around the corner so they couldn't even see each other anyway.  The only thing that happened was the fraying of my nerves.  I have tried highly supervised "visitations" with no good results.  The younger cat immediately runs over to the declawed newer cat and when the declawed cat runs, the younger cat chases her and traps her under the bed.  This happens every time and immediately.  Is this something cats get over or are these two (one playful and aggressive, one declawed and nervous) a bad match?

Sorry to hear that it didn't work out.
well you could be right it may just be that these two cats simply do not like each other and are not willing to let things go.

often cats who do not get along will just give each other a wide berth, i.e live in the same home but stay away from each other. however perhaps in this case these two cats simply won't let this happen.

You may only have two options, wait a little longer to see if the two cats can sort something out between them and eventually settle down into some sort of truce or sadly you may have to consider rehoming one of the cats elsewhere.

best wishes Kate


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