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I have two cats. One is the momma cat of her kitten that is probably 7months oldnow.  They both have always loved each other and never fought before.  Now that the kitten is old enough I think she might be going into heat now or soon.  Momma cat is always smelling her at her rear lately and right after she goes that she hisses at her.   Not only that, but today I seen the momma cat try to stratch her daughter in the face.   Why is the momma cat doing this??????

the behavior you describe is completely normal. It is in a cats instinct to always chase there kittens away one they have been weaned. this is because in the wild too many cats in the same area competing for food, mates etc is not acceptable so they chase them away so that when the next litter arrives there will be enough food etc. this instinct remains even though they are now domesticated. in this situation especially as now you have two un spayed female cats this will be creating tension between them and their natural territorial instincts will start to kick in.

to be honest having them both spayed would be the best answer and would also prevent any more kittens being born, especially as the kitten population is becoming too much meaning that many kittens cannot find homes.

At 7 months the kitten could easily become pregnant if not spayed soon.

I have some more information about neutering etc if you are interested in finding out more


best wishes Kate


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