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hello my cat is pregnant I'm not to sure how far gone she is, she had a big belly about two days ago and you could feel about three sausage shapes then yesterday went to check on her and stroke her and it didn't even look like she was pregnant, and today she is getting pregnancy look back. she kept on going into my sons room so I made her a bed in there and all she does is sleep, grooms alot and eats, she does not wont to go out at all which is good because poeple say she shouldn't go out, her belly is starting to get big again very big, her nipple area is getting big to she will not let me look at them but will let me feel them, also she keeps on nesting in her new bed I made as well she breaths very hard but I just put that down to being pregnant, I've been all over the net and cant really find anything which tells me wot i really need to know can u please help me thank you

i have a page here about cat pregnancy which you may find of help


I am not sure what you are specifically needing to know. usually a cat will have her kittens without any help from us and she should be allowed to have her own space and be left alone. it does rather sound like she is getting very close ton having her kittens. cats usually only become noticeably pregnant until near the end of their term.

keep an eye on her from a distance and don't be surprised if the labour is quite long, there can even be a period of hours between kittens. the only time you need to try and help her is if you notice a kitten stuck or if she has been pushing for a long time with no results. in which case you will need to get her to a vets.

best wishes Kate


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