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I have an eight month old spayed female and I thought I was doing a good thing by adopting a 3 month old female.  I expected hissing and things like that but almost a week later my eight month old is deteriorating.  The hissing has turned into pacing back and forth, vomiting and now she isn't eating.  She will corner the younger adopted kitten and although she hasn't attacked her physically, she is increasingly more aggitated.  When is enough enough?  If she doesn't start eating I will be returning the kitten.

sadly getting another cat especially another of the same sex is often not a good idea for some cats who like to have the place to themselves.

unfortunately two female cats is the worst combination if they have not been brought up in the same litter.

There could also be issues around the fact that your three month old is probably not spayed yet and so this poses another threat to your older female.

All i can suggest is that you arrange to have the younger cat spayed as soon as the vet will allow and also to take your cats through a period of introduction which is designed to help them build confidence in each other without the fear of attack. it does take some time and effort and can really help.

however I must warn you that sometimes, some cats never get along and the best you can hope for is a sort of truce where the cats simply avoid each other.

the introduction process is described fuller here on my web page


Fingers crossed they can get along.

best wishes Kate


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