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My cat had her first litter of kittens this morning. One was born dead and one died just an hour ago. There are three left and I do not want to see them die, but my cat does not seem to care about them. She keeps leaving the box and not returning unless I put her back in there. I don't know what to do. None of the kittens have started nursing yet and it has been 6 hours since birth.

the kittens do need to feed soon if they are to survive. unfortunately not all queens are good mothers, it could be that she is unsure of what to do, so keep putting her in her basket with the kittens and encourage the kittens onto the teats.

if you can't get them to eat then you will have to try and do it your self this is tough and not always successful. Please see my page about looking after new born kittens here


Contact your vet if you need advice as to what or how to feed kittens.

I hope all works out well

best wishes Kate


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