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Cats/6 month old male bullying 18 month old female


My 6 month old male ragdoll kitten has started bullying my 18 month old female spayed cat. He is an indoor cat and not yet neutered and he has only been doing this to her the last 2 months. Can you tell me if this will stop once he has been neutered or what i can do to stop this happening? As a rule they do get on quite well. she lies there and cry's when he pounces at her, sometimes he is playing but at times you can see that he is quite nasty. I have to put them in different rooms when he won't leave her alone. Please can you help me with this matter.
Thank you Carrie

yes i would say this has a lot to do with the fact that he is not neutered yet and that once he is he will settle down and not be so aggressive.


If after the operation he is still a little aggressive towards her it could be an idea to give them a period of introduction using the safe method described here


best wishes Kate  


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