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Hi Kate,  I have a gorgeous burmese female around 9 years old called Mylo that in the last 2 months has started to poo all around the house.  At looked up on the internet to find out what it could be and the word 'middening' seems to fit the bill. We have a blended family of pets ie:  I have 3 cats and my partner has 1.  I also have a little dog that Mylo has no problem with.  My partners' cat is a HUGE Devon Rex female and is a bully, chasing Mylo and giving her the evil eyes.  Mylo skips away quite easily as she is small and fast.  Mylo sleeps with me every night and I have fussed over her more than usual to make her feel secure.  I've even put a cushion on my work desk downstairs which is a nice safe place for her to sleep during the day and she really likes that.  However the 'pooping' just doesn't stop and she does it where we can see it, although we have never caught her in the act.  Luckily I have a carpet cleaner which is getting a work out. I don't know what else to try as she has never exhibited this behaviour before.  Can you please help?  Cheers Karen

yes it does sound like Middening. The cause of this has you ahve probably read is that the cat us using her feces as a visual and scent marker. It is usually only used in cases where the cat is feeling particularly stressed or threatened and feel like they have to make a strong statement to try and make the house their territory again.

I have a page about the issue it also has some advice on how to try and stop the behavior. I hope you find it of some help.

here is the page


best wishes kate


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