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About a week ago my cat started pooping around the house. She started doing it right around my boyfriend decided to give her a haircut. I think she hates him. She hisses at him and gives him dirty looks. She also seems to have developed a bump on her forehead or maybe it was from the bad haircut. I don't know what to think of all this. I am going to make an appointment at the vet to have her checked out. Do you have any advice?

well yes the problem may have stemmed from the haircut ie it made her feel anxious and often this behavior is used as may for the cat to make the house smell more like her and so helps to reassure her.

I agree I think it is a good choice to take her to the vets for a checkup just in case there is some infection or other illness causing the problem.

If it is only caused by anxiety then the behavior should subside with time. If not them some litter training acn be given to help her.


I hope is is Ok and gets over this problem soon

best wishes kate


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