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I have a seven year old small moggy cat, I have had her since she was a kitten we have never moved house and she has been neutered. My cats never had a problem with going outside, when she was a kitten she had a litter tray she did use it until she was able to go in the garden, then she always went outside so we got rid of the litter tray because we didn't feel the need. Recently A male cat has moved into the area as it has grown it has started to bully my cat more and more. Now its fully grown it bullies her constantly and other cats have even started joining in, they wait for her in our garden and because of this she refuses to go out unless theres somebody in the garden with her. Because of this when there is nobody in the house she has been pooing in the bathroom on a rug as you can assume the smell is unbearable and its ruining all our bathroom rugs! I have got her a litter tray and put it where she has been doing her business. I have even tried putting a rug in the litter tray. She hasn't used the litter tray at all. I was wondering if there is any suggestions on what I can do to get her using the litter tray again or even better go outside again! Thanks Rachel.

this happened to my female cat years ago. unfortunately it is natural cat behavior and something we won't be able to change, ie you can't stop the other cats from bulling her, it is up to her how she reacts to it ie fights back or lets the cats have the territory. our cat decided that she would not go out the back of the house into the garden only the front.

Your cat is obviously feeling anxious about this situation which is understandable but she will get over this and find her own solution to the problem, she probably will just make sure she avoids the other cats as much as possible when she's out. You should not stop her from going out, in fact try to encourage her as this is the only way she will be able to find her own solution.

in the meantime if she won't go out you could try a period of litter training using the confinement method. it has a double benefit, firstly it gives the cat time to calm down and have less to worry about, secondly it gets them used to their litter tray again. The process is described here


best wishes Kate


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