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I have had my two cats, Kiki and Fabio, both girls, since they were born in my house 8 years ago. We kept 4 others, so we had a total of 6 cats. Well here's the problem. They pee everywhere and on everything in the house. They are indoor cats and have been doing this since they were able to move around everywhere. The smell is terrible, and they pee on my clothes, and I'm scared I'm going to go out smelling like cat urine. They have peed on the blinds on our windows, on my shower curtain, everywhere. How do they and why do they do this? We brought the 4 others to a farm because they were the worst. The other two were doing fine until about a week ago when I found fresh urine in a drawer of clothes.

Another problem is they both are puking up their food everywhere. Is it their food? We buy generic cat food. Are they sick? Theyve been doing this for a while, but my mom doesn't think it's a problem. I have cement flooring and now it's decorated with this beautiful little puke stains. Please help me.
         - Emily

the problem here sounds like that because your house has had lots of incidents of being urinated in it is likely that your house does smell of urine. Unfortunately this will encourage the cats to urinate again.

You will have to clean the house from top to bottom, scrubbing floors with a solution of bicarbonate of soda and washing all fabrics and washing down walls especially around the floor area.


During this time your two cats should be confined to one room which contains two litter trays with fresh litter in it every day. the cats will need to be in that room for at least a week to try and get them used to the litter trays. Only let them out for their supervised meals in the kitchen and then they need to go back into their room. the process is described here


This confinement period may have to be repeated from time to time as your cats have been used to going where they like in your home. However with some patience and persistence on your part you should be able to get them used to using a littler tray.

I also assume that your cats are spayed. if not then this would also be a cause for them to urinate in your home. having them spayed would prevent this also.

best wishes Kate


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