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Cats/peeing outside of the litter


first, thank you for providing this service.
I have a six year old spayed female that just recently started peeing outside her litter box, always right next to it.I am pretty sure this ( wonderful ) new behavior is caused by the fact that I just moved and she now can go outside a little but not as much as she would want to.It did not start right after the move but soon after she started going outside with me.I need to get her shots up to date before I let her completely loose and I want to be able to keep an eye on her the few first times she does go out for a long time since she is the apple of my eye even though she is a complete whack job ( totally high strung, nasty with children, destroys anything and everything left unattended like drinking glasses  etc.).
I know it will most probably subside once she has her way but in the meantime, is there anything that can be done ???

well I think you have hit the nail on the head with the cause of the problem. Often cats feel insecure when they move home and the urination is way for them to scent the new home and also help it smell more like them and therefore more like home.

usually I recommend a period of confinement with their liter box which helps to calm the cats down as well as introduce them to the litter tray again. The process is described here


However in this case it may be a bit difficult as her anxiety may be more to do with not being able to go out as often as she wants. So the problem may continue until she cazn go out more as you say.

You could try getting something new for her which will help to ditract her from her anxiety. A new toy or toys etc.

I hope the problem does not last too long

best wishes kate


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