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Hello. I have a female cat, that is about one year old, who can be relentless with her kneading of me. And only the most sensitive areas will do, as her favorite area is the crook of my arm. I understand the whole mother thing, but it can be very distracting and painful. Is there any way to direct her kneading to something else? She also does it to her spot on the couch, but I still remain on the menu.
Otherwise, she really doesnít have a bad bone in her body. She loves everyone (anyone can pick her up and scratch her tummy) and everything, including other cats, who never return the offer of friendship. Iíve never even heard her hiss, and I really donít think she has it in her.
Iíd also please like to know how to discipline her for other things such as scratching furniture and what not. I have a big scratch toy, and she loves it, but still scratches everything else. Bearing in mind of course that Iíve tried to punish her, but anything I do she thinks is fun, even when itís not supposed to be. I think she finally learned what it means for something else to be mad when Iíve really lost my temper and yelled at her to stop kneading me. Of course, then I feel bad when she looks at me with those eyes.
Thank you very much.

I have a web page about how best to disciple your cat it will also help with the kneading ie whenever she starts to knead you you immediately and quietly remove yourself from the situation.

here is the page it describes things in more detail, hope you find it of help


best wishes kate


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