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I was away at college and I adopted a kitten named Fuzzy who is now two years. She got along with my roommates cats quickly and is a very social cat.

However, recently I have moved back in with my parents, who have two cats. One is 8 and the other is 10. When I brought Fuzzy home I did the normal introducing procedures and everything seemed fine but now Fuzzy seems to think she owns the house after being here a month. The 10 Year old male challenges her constantly and they frequently have swatting matches. The 8 year old female cat Angel has not left the basement bedroom since Fuzzy has been here. If she does Fuzzy chases her away. However if Fuzzy goes in the basement room she will stalk and chase Fuzzy out. I am becoming concerned by Angels resistance to leave her room and was wondering if there is anyway to help Angel get up stairs or break the over dominance of Fuzzy? Or if this is a normal cat struggle over dominance?

well basically it sounds like normal territorial behavior. there is often a  fight for dominance when a new cat arrives and sometimes you do get one cat who becomes very nervous and steps back from the scene.

When you say you carried out the introduction procedure I'm not sure if you mean the caged version or not described here


This method allows the cast to become more confident with each other without the fear of fights.

Also i assume all the cats are neutered and so this is not an added issue.

Unfortunately if you do go through the introduction process again with them and nothing changes then there is not much we can do and we have to simply let the cats find there own place in the household.

cats are not pack animals like dogs and so many cats simply do not like to live in close proximity to each other and at best may just try to avoid each other. But this is Ok and is their way of sorting out there differences.

Sorry i could not give you better news but cats have there own way of sorting out there issues.

best wishes KAte


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