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I have 2 indoor cats, both female. Cleo is 15 months old, and Mau is 9. They have always gotten along well but for the past 6 months, when Mau came to be part of our family, both the cats have been urinating all over the house. It has been an ongoing problem. They have both had a health check at the vets, and there is no infection.
The beds, the sofa, corners of carpets and even my clean washing. I'm not sure why, they seem to be so loving towards each other but it did all start when Mau came here.
Neither have been outdoors, nor do they show any enthusiasm to go outside. In short, I'm quite confused and need to get to the bottom of it.
Thank you for your time.

this is a common problem which can be caused by many things. in this case it could be anxiety caused by boredom, this can happen sometimes when cats are kept indoors. you need to do two things, firstly give your cats a period of litter training and then to also make sure your home is as stimulating for your cats as possible.

can i suggest that you read through these pages on my web site. they will explain the cause of the problem in more detail and also how to try and help your cats.

best wishes Kate





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