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Hi Kate,
Our outdoor cat had 3 kittens in the garage two weeks ago under a plank of wood, one died after 2 days so i built a box and a pen for them in the same place with a hole on top for the mother to get in and out of. She seemed quite happy there until dis morning when i went to feed her the kittens had completely vanished, no sign of any disturbance blood etc. I called for the mother cat and she jumped down from the roof of the garage, she seems quite happy and is not looking for the kittens at all but i checked everywhere and can't find the kittens. The tom cat is a stray that we feed so he tends to be around sometimes and i think the mother cat has gone into heat again. Im terrified the tom might of taken the kittens away or she might of killed them, but the kittens were healthy and she seemed to be a good mother very rarely leaving them and quite protective. Do u think she might of hid them or very likely they might be dead?

yes the female cat may have gone into heat again so she needs to be kept away from tom cats unless you want even more kittens on your hands. She can be spayed after the kittens have been weaned around 8 to 12 weeks.

As for the missing kittens it is extremely unlikely that either the tom cat or the mother cat has hurt them. it is far more likely that she has hidden them.

mother cats will often move their kittens if they feel that they are not safe, sometimes a mother can can become over anxious and move her kittens unnecessarily.

i expect the kittens to be around somewhere and that the mother cat is still tending to them and feeding them if she has done so up till now..

i have some pages about cats and their kittens on my web site which you may of further interest here


best wishes Kate


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