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3 yr. old neutered male angora cat, Mr. Applegate, rescued young and raised in private shelter, adopted by me 2 years ago. Other cats in household.
Always been paranoid, hard to catch to take to vet, etc. Last year had to have all teeth but front removed due to inherited problems. Comes up on my bed to be brushed sometimes and has at one time been semi-happy. Recently, when I try to get him to put flea meds on, he runs under furniture, crying and a irritable bowl thing takes place (Dysentary) etc.  Finally after spotting him with his flea meds he usually is ok after a couple of days.  2 weeks ago I did him and he is now petrified of me, thinks I am constantly out to "get" him, avoids me totally, is afraid of me, even when I cook him his favorite chicken.  Will not clean himself and hides from me.  Help.  I think he has become a paranoid mess and don't know what to do.  Keep in mind, he has always been a little weird, but became a different cat once his teeth were removed and the pain was gone.  Now, I don't know why he is so afraid of me.  It does not hurt to have flea meds. All my 4 cats go outside on enclosed patio area a bit on most days, him being the most enchanted by the feral colony (5) cats I have out there.  He does not like humans as a rule, only cats.  but he has NEVER behaved like this.

unfortunately some cats are just naturally more nervous than others and they always remain stand offish and in the back ground.

have you spoken to your vet about your cats behavior? Sometimes there can be a medical condition which is causing your cats nervous behavior.

i have written a web page about scared and nervous cats which you may find of further informations here


Sometimes we just have to except that some of our cats just prefer to be left alone to their own devices.

You could try some bonding with them, it will take a long time, probably months before you get the response you are after but it has to be done on the cats terms and time line for them to be able to build up enough trust in your.

please see my page about cat bonding here


best wishes Kate


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