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Dear Kate,

Last year I adopted two stray cats, one of those has recently "dragged in" a cute little stray and left it on our front porch. This is quite out of character for that particular cat as all it seems to do is sit in the sun all day.
Putting that to one side, this kitten must only be ten to fourteen days old and hisses and splutters at us whenever we approach. It does not seem to feed, despite my best efforts, and has actually stopped miawing as well.
I am a complete newbie to cats and have absolutely no idea what to do to get it feeding. The suppose the next step would be to get it tamed but I'm scared that I'll lose the game before then. SOS

I read an other blog that suggested I might have to try to stimulate its bladder given it's age and lack of a mother. This makes me question my good fathering skills and whether I should have taken it in in the first place.

I look forward to a quick reply.

sounds like this is a feral kitten so you will have your work cut out for you at the beginning.

Anyway it won't be easy. You should really take the kitten to the vets to have it checked out for any illness and parasite problems. the vet will also be able to advise you how to feed the kitten, they need extra long thin nipples for bottle feeding.

I have several pages about how to look after kittens, which will be able to give you more help. here is one of the pages


best wishes and good luck



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