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I have a lovely cat which I have had for 15 years. He came from the rescue centre and was already an adult cat so I'm not sure how old he is but probably 18 - 22 years old. He's always been a clean cat but a few months ago started defecating in 2 places in the house. I've cleaned it up and have given him a dirt box but he still keeps going on these places. I put him in a cattery last week hoping that it would "wipe his memory bank" and he would relearn how to use a dirt box. Unfortunately the first night he was back home, he defecated in both places again. The vet says she thinks he is just becoming senile and there is no cure. I've no idea what to do next so any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Tony Martin

sadly your vet may be right. When cats get old they can start to suffer from these age related illnesses. However if he did not do it at the cattery then there is obviously something triggering this response in him at home.

All I can suggest is that you give him a week of litter training using the confinement method and also to throughly thoroughly clean the areas he has used in the house to remove every last trace of his scent. Even the tiniest spot will attract them back to this area.

Please see my pages about the litter training process and also how best to clean the area. here are the pages



best wishes Kate


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