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i have two cats. one gave birth 2 1/2 weeks ago and the other gave birth last night. they are in seperate rooms but every time i open the door they end up going into each other box. i keep seperating them but they still do it. any adviceplease?
thank you

I don't really see the harm in what the cats are doing. As long as the kittens are being fed and cared for then there is no need to worry.

cats who are close will often share mothering duties, it may well be that these two are that close and also their maternal instinct will encourage them to look after any kitten so this could be the reason that they are swapping around.

As i say i would not worry as long as the kittens are being fed and cared for. i would say though that the kittens that were born last night do need to spend the first few days just feeding from their mum as she will have the right milk for them at this time  The mothers' milk contains colostrium for the first 12 to 24 hours. This contains the antibodies the kittens need for protection against illness. It is also lower in protein, fat, lactose and is higher in moisture than normal cows milk. So do keep them together during this time by keeping the door closed etc.

best wishes Kate


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