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my 7month old kitten, abbi escaped last night 5/29 while we were out. she likes to jump on our window screen and last night she broke it and got out of the window. we were trying to find her but to no avail. i think saw her but it was soo dark and i wasnt sure. my problem there's a lot of stray cat in our neighborhood. she only a have a bell no name tag (didnt occur to us that she'll escape). she's not spayed coz my husband was planning to breed her (she's a pure breed abysinian). dont know how to find her. i know for a fact she's on heat. when i thought i saw her and called her she didnt come, so i followed what some people said to put food out. this morning her .empty.not sure if she ate it or other cats.
i dont know what else to do. what would a indoor cat whose on heat normally do when she's out??

If she is in heat then she will be searching for mates and could stray for some distance. natural instinct will be driving her at this point.

i have a web page about what you can do to try and find a lost cat which you may find of further help here


best wishes Kate


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