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QUESTION: Hi. I have a male cat that's become a tomcat since like 3 months ago, he sprays urine, barely cleans himself anymore, fights, and has become more aggressive towards my other cats and the ones on the neighborhood. He's very affectionate towards me, when he doesn't find me he calls me, he likes for me to pet him and he seems to enjoy being around me. I'm a bit scared that his aggression could turn towards me someday, 'cause he barely goes out to mate, he stays mostly at home and wants to mate the ones at home (his mother and kittens, including male kittens!). I've got 5 cats (including him) and 3 kittens, the 2 female cats are spayed, but the male cats aren't. One comes and goes, he's older than the one I want to neuter, but the one I want to neuter picks fights with him, and he's very calm when he's home (the one that comes and goes), the other is like 6 or 7 months old, but hasn't turned into a tomcat yet.

What I'm trying to get to is, that I don't know if to neuter him 'cause of the other cats in the neighborhood, that may confuse him with a female cat after neutered. For the 6/7 months old cat I have goes the same, I'd neuter him but I don't know what to do, 'cause my tomcat might also get him as a female cat if neutered.

Sorry for the testament, I hope that information is helpful. If there' any questions, please ask.

Any advice please?

         A desperate mother

the simple answer is yes get him neutered. There is absolutely no reason not to get toms cats neutered, in fact it has health benefits for them. You should also have all your male cats neutered, every time they go out and possibly mates with a unspayed start female there will be more unwanted kittens born .

I can't stress this enough, it really is best for your all your cats not just because it stops preganancies but it also has health benefits and will also reduce aggression and possible injurt from fights etc.

I have lots of pages on my site about why having cats neutered is good for them, they were written by a lasy who rescues stray cats and who has seen what happens to stray and feral kittens etc.

please can i suggest that you read through them, they will give you all the information on why it is good to have your cats neutered and spayed.  here is the first page

best wishes KAte

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again, and thanks for your previous answer. Yes, I do know of the health benefits, the overpopulation (I also checked out the site you showed me, I got some new info.) and some risks that could still occur (I had a female kitten that I got to be spayed and died on the surgery, apparently 'cause of allergy to the anesthesia). I've been looking for information towards this and I still am, and believe me, I do want to neuter him, I think it may be the best decision. But what I really meant to ask is if I do neuter him, would the neighborhood cats confuse him as a female? Would he still be able to defend himself as before if this happens? Is there something I can do so they don't take him as a female, or for him to take the other neutered male cat as a female? Or is it just inevitable? 'Cause the thing is, I can't keep him inside the house (I wish I could) my sisters are allergic and I still have some years before I move.

I apologize for all the questions, I bet you've heard this like all the time, but I'm just trying seek help and answers in any way I can.

sorry i think I miss understood your first question and did not answer it properly.

In my experience neutered male toms are just as able to defend themselves as any other cat can. i have owned cats all my life and all have been neutered. My male cats have never been picked on by un neutered male cats as they do not give the same scent off as a female cat does and which is the thing that attracts them. Also when they have got into some sort of dispute with other cats in the area they have been able to defend themselves just like any cat. Having them neutered does not make them effeminate at all, they remain male cats through and through. So i really don't think you should worry about this at all.

I currently have two male neutered cats and they are just as male as any other cat in the area and in fact we have a very aggressive un neutered male cat in our neighborhood and there has been no trouble what so ever between them.

I hope I have helped to way lay your worries about this.

best wishes Kate


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