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I have always owned and loved Siamese cats.  I recently rescued a purebred Chocolate Point female, who joined my 3 other cats and German Shepherd Dog.  She is sweet, clean, and getting along well with everyone and they with her.  She is calm and quiet, sleeping most of the day in my sunny bedroom. She is responsive vocally rather than excessively chatty. However, when everyone turns in for the night, she prowls the house, crying loudly (as only a Siamese can) settles briefly on the bed and then is wandering and crying once again. If I put her in the spare bedroom, she settles down for the night, but apparently is uncomfortable with the dark and silence of the house.  I've had her for less than a week and know that this may be a period of adjustment; however, I've owned cats for my whole life and have never had a new cat react this way for more than a night or two.  My vet puts her at 1 1/2-2 years and mine is the third house I know of that she's lived in (her original home, the rescue home and mine).  Is there something more that I can be doing, as having a cat being disruptive at night for the long term is something that would make keeping her a problem.  Thanks, Judy

no this is normal behavior for some cats. Night time is their natural time to go hunting etc and it is often accompanied with yowls and calling. I am asked often about this very issue.

All I can recommend is that about 40 minutes before you go to bed you spend some time playing with the cat, this helps to get it out of her system. Then just before bedtime give her a meal this also helps to settle her down.

It is also important that you give your cat plenty of things to keep them occupied during the night. So toys which challenge them to hunt etc. Food hidden in toilet roll centers etc.  Please see my page about keeping cats happy in side.


She may also settle into a regular routine of going to bed at night over time. some cats do take more time to settle into a new home.

best wishes Kate  


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