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Cats/sister kittens getting on


two weeks ago i got a 8 week female kitten that settled in to our home very well today my partner brought home the sister kitten to my home and all they seem to do is fight . is this play fighting or a problem that needs to be sorted

well it all depends. Kittens will play fight. It is easy to tell the different. If they make noise when they are fighting like hissing and yowling this means that it is a real fight. A play fight is often silent.

If you do think it is turning nasty and is not play fighting then all you can do is give them a period of introduction to give them time to get to know each other without the fear of injury using this method.


I have two kittens and they are now one years old and they still play fight. Sometimes it can look rather vicious but there is no noise and no claws etc so I know it is only play.

Also make sure that you have the kittens spayed in a month or so time this will also prevent any fights breaking out between them.

best wishes Kate  


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