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We're going to be away for three months and were agonizing over what environment would be best for our darling cat's mental health while we're away.  The two choices we're considering are: 1) Keep him here in his home territory with daily visits or 2)Take him to live with friends that can take him in while we're away?  He is a healthy, independent-minded eight-year old short-hair tabby.  He's not a lap cat or one to be held but he sleeps on our bed when we're hanging out there or sleeping.  He is exclusively an indoor cat living in our one-bedroom apartment.  Our dilemma is what would be best for his mental health while we are away.  He is accustomed to us being away for up to 14 days a couple times per year.  Our neighbor downstairs visits him two or three times each day and takes care of his food/water/litter and give him some play %26 loving.  She has agreed to do the same for the three months that we're gone.  (Heavens yes, we pay her!)  Several of our cat-loving friends have agreed to stop in to visit him as well.  So, should we keep him here in his home territory with daily visits OR take him to live with cat-friendly but pet-free friends that can take him in while we're away?  NOTE: These particular friends live 45 minutes away and our kitty isn't fond of car travel; once a year to the vet is plenty for him.  ANOTHER NOTE: Also, a few months ago we %26 kitty moved into our friends' 25-room inn %26 restaurant for 3 weeks during their seasonal closure/vacation.  He spent the first day under the claw-foot tub in the bathroom of our four-room suite, the second day under the TV dresser, the third day under the covers of the bed, the fourth on top of the bed, and ventured out into the hallway on the fifth day.  He came downstairs a couple days later.  He was cautious the whole time but he would hang out with us in the 1st floor lounge when we were in there.  We want to do the best thing for our kitty’s mental health. Thank you in advance for your considered advice.

well if it were me and your neighbors can be trusted and are happy to visit 2 to 3 times a day every day I would say that leaving him in his home territory is best for him.

cats don't like change much and having to get used to someones else's house for three months and then having to move back i would say would be more disturbing for your cat.

I would also make sure before you leave that you buy him some new things to help keep his inside world as interesting as possible. there are videos which can be played which not only provide some back ground noise but also some entertainment for your cat, fish etc. i know of people who have to leave their cat for long periods who find that there cats love to watch this.

i have a web page with some ideas on how to help keep your indoor cat happy, as he will be alone for more of the time he will need more to keep him happy and stimulated.

here is the page


I'm sure if your neighbors are happy to take care of him that he will be fine while you are away. Have a good trip ;)

best wishes KAte


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