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I have had my cat for roughly 12 years.  I don't have a birth certificate of him so I'm not sure exactly how old he is.  He is a ragdoll and strictly an indoor cat. Up until the past year he has been fine using the litter box.  We have had other cats in the house and he never had a problem using the box.  Two of our four cats passed away which left him his own litter box (our other cat has a separate one).  He has recently been pooping right outside of his litter box every morning.  I thought this might have been because of his old age, but he uses the litter box throughout the day without any problems.  He never goes to the bathroom anywhere else around the house and never pees outside of his box.  I'm not sure why he is doing this but it's incredibly frustrating.  We have done everything from changing his food to the type of litter in his box.

this problem is called middening and is related to territory marking or helping the cat feel more secure. It is quite a complicated issue and it may be difficult to discover what has happened to cause this issue. because of this i have written a page which helps to explain the problem a little fuller and also how you can try to help your cat.

here is the page /cat-poo.html

best wishes kate


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