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I'm an American currently living in Taiwan. I rescued a kitten off the street who seemed quite healthy, took her to the vet, vet said she was fine, within days she was acting drunk.  I took her to the vet twice more as she deteriorated, they told me to feed her with an eye-dropper, I did, but she  died.
My friend adopted a kitten- same things- diarhea, acting drunk, she took the kitten to the vet, the vet said it should be fine, it died.
Now my friend has adopted another kitten.  The kitten began acting drunk this morning.  The vets do NOTHING, just look at the kittens, sometimes take their temperature.  They don't offer treatment, blood test, or any answers, just pat us on the back and send us home with our dying kittens.  WE're fed up with taking the train/taxis an hour away to go to a vet who does nothing.
We are both fairly certain that this little guy will go the way of all the others.  He's still playful, eating, pooping (diarhea) and drinking, but can't walk straight and falling over a lot.  
Is there anything that we can do for him?  I would love to cure him, help him live a long and healthy life, but having gone through this three times, I feel pretty sure that he will die.  What can we do to make him more comfortable?  I've been searching the internet and everyone says 'take him to the vet'.  I've lost faith in the vets here.

well i am not a vet and so cannot give you advice as to what could be causing this illness.

All I can do is point you towards my pages which gives advice on how to bring up kittens and also to advice you to pay for some on line advice from an actual vet. I found this one but there may be others|ga|4|Pets|Veterinarian&ofid=10

my kitten pages are here


Hi do hope you can save the little guy, I know how bad some vet care can be in some parts of the world.

best wishes KAte


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