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Cats/Kitten to stop suckling from mommy


Hello Kate,

Our cat had 2 kittens about 3 month ago, we gave the one kitten away and decided to keep one for ourselves. problem we have is that the kitten wont stop drinking from mommy, she has been eating dry cat food for about 4 weeks know. she does not do this the whole time just know and then. we are separating them at the moment mommy is on her own in the spare bedroom during the day and kitten in the house during the day at night when we get home we let them play a bit, but then when we get them the kitten is suckling like I said this only happens know and then maybe 3 t 4 times during the evening. we then separate the kitten at night when we all go to bed. is there a better way of getting mommies milk to dry up. Please help.

Hannes Viviers.
South Africa.

I wouldn't worry too much at this stage. Some kittens do take longer but at around 12 weeks old they are still in the weaning stage and will eventually move over to solid food full time. You could try (perhaps you already do) giving your cat some kitten milk along side their food from a bowl. this may help to reduce the need to drink from mum.


You doing everything right, don't worry mother nature will do her thing and this will stop soon.

best wishes Kate  


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