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I was wondering my kitten also sucks on her tail but she does it randomly and she wasn't taken away from her mother until 10 weeks so I thought maybe she does it because, I was told she is the runt of the litter if that has anything to do with it? I never notice it until I pick her up or pet her and her tail is all wet like shes been sucking I think I have seen it once. Also she is prone to our laptops I assume because of the movement of our hands and the clicking of the keyboard but I was wondering if there is a way to when we don't want to play she understands, when we push her away she thinks were playing and will get more playful. I don't know if there is something we can do so she knows shes either hurting us and/or we don't want to play?

the tail sucking should be something that she stops doing as she gets older. Some cats do have some strange little habits which they grow out of.

As for the playing thing. When she starts to play or climb on tour laptop, quickly and quietly pick her up and place her on the floor and move away from her. this is a negative response and if repeated every time she does this she will eventually learn that she gets a negative response and should stop it. A positive reaction would be that you play with her or talk to her etc.

cats generally learn via negative and positive responses. please see my page for more on this here


best wishes KAte


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