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Dear Kate
We moved house about three weeks ago taking our lovely 2 year old cat with us. We kept him in for about seven days and then gradually he started to go out for short times and return home. He disappeared for four days and we thought he had gone for good then he returned and has since then stayed home. Our main concern is that our next door neighbours cat does not like sharing garden space he will wait, often with another cat outside for our cat. There have been some horrendous fights and we are worried. What we can we do? We have tried keeping the cat in and always discourage the other cats from being our garden. Please help

well the simple answer she, you can't do anything about this at all. It is completely normal behavior for another cat to try and defend his territory. what would normally happen is that either your cat will decide to fight back and claim some of the territory for himself or he will decide that he is happier just avoiding the other cat and his area.

i have two kittens and recently another cat in the area has decided that he doesn't want them on his patch. however my cats are fighting back when attacked but mainly just giving him a wide berth.

I'm afraid we have to let nature take its course. They are cats with wild instincts and we can't protect them from everything.

usually cats will try to avoid fights and serious injury as it is not in there interests. fights can sound terrible but often are just a lot of swearing etc..
the cat will eventually find a common ground and things should settle down.

best wishes kate


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