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I'm not sure if you can help me with this situation, i've been trying to find someone on here who could, but i dont think a Vet would have the answer i'm looking for. so I figured i'd go ahead and give it a try.

So my family owns a male older cat. My mom used to have alleric reactions to it many years ago, we've had the cat at least 10 yrs or so now. Presently she does not have any issues with allergies and our cat. However I suddenly would like to introduce a new cat into the home, a kitten. Will she  be affected differently to a new cat? will her allergies return? is there any advice you could provide if this happens? or if there is any other advice on introducing a new kitten into the home where an older male cat already exists, would be helpful as well.  also does gender matter in the case of the kitten?

well where allergies are concerned it is often impossible to say for sure whether or not someone will or will not be affected. Most cat allergies are not to the fur but to an enzyme which is in the cats saliva which when they wash gets on to there fur and this is what people can have a reaction to. the enzyme is harmless but as I say some people are allergic to it.

Also some people can build up an immunity to one particular cat and not to another. My partner has a allergic reaction )mild) when he meets a new cat but with our own he is fine. So it may well be that your mum may have an allergic reaction at first but then build up an immunity. In the meantime allergy treatments for her can help reduce the effects.

ss for introducing a new cat to an existing pet. i have a web page on my site explaining a method which helps the cats become used to each other without the fear or attacks etc. here it is


i hope i have been of some help.

best wishes kate


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