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I don't really have a problem with my cat. He's the most affectionate, well-tempered, quiet friendly cat. But I'm just curious about the tail swishing. I've noticed my cat swishes his tail back and forth all the time. Sometimes slowly, sometimes fast,sometimes gently and sometimes forcefully, sometimes just the tip and sometimes the whole thing sometimes even fast asleep- the tip of his tail is still going. He loves to sit next to me on the armrest of the sofa purring away and his tail swings back and forth like the pendulum of a clock. .It's strange how the tail takes on a life of its own, as if it were a snake or a worm. So why do cats swish their tail like that all the time? And why do they change from fast to slow, from the tip to the whole tail or from gently to forcefully?

Cats use their tails as a form of communication, it usually shows how they are feeling.

there are many different messages a cats is sending with his tail.

Anger or aggression fast short swishes

Tail up in the air happy

gently swaying can also mean contentment.

As humans we don't have a full dictionary of cat tail vocabulary, so unfortunately we only know and understand a few signs.

As you say it is nothing to worry about it is simply another way fro a cat to show their emotions.

best wishes Kate


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