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Hi Kate,
My cat is a ginger tabby cross. He chirps ALL THE TIME. Only a little squeak meow when you get home %26 he greets you. But always the chirp- running past, jumping up, having a pat, waiting for his dinner- all times! He is one funny boy. The thing is; I think he is too nice. Is that possible? Other cats come in to steal his food %26 he never challenges them. He hears the flap go %26 doesn't move a muscle. We have got rid of imposters but they still hang around on our property. Your response would be interesting. Many thanks, Louise

what can i say, i have two boy cats and they are exactly the same, they love people and other cats. We have strays come in too to steal the food and my two go up to them and want to play and often get a swipe on the nose for their trouble, to which they often respond by walking away.

they will have a fight if another cat is aggressive to them outside but in general they are very laid back. some cats are just like this and I personally am very happy about my two.

i really don't think there is anything to worry about. your cat sounds adorable and has a lovely sweet personality, thats just him.

best wishes Kate


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