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I read the article on the Happy Cat website about Middening.  My issue is, we had 3 cats and our female cat kept urinating on the floor. We eventually ripped the carpet out and kept a litter box in the spot where she urinated.  She would still urinate on the floor even though the litter box was there and clean.  So we ordered a Cat Genie (it self cleans after every use).  My female cat would not stop peeing on the floor.  So we ended up putting her outside in the back yard and she ran away.  

Now back to my issue of Middening.  My male cat that we have had for about a year (Jaz) had never pottied on the floor.  Even when my female cat was going on the floor, neither male did.  About 2 to 3 weeks after our female ran off, Jaz started pooping on the floor in the same spot our female cat had peed.  I think he might be feeling depression or anxiety over our missing female.  Our other male, who Jaz was always closer to, is still here.  I don't know how to deal with his anxiety over my missing female.  Should I use the same approach that is listed on the Happy Cat website or do you have other suggestions?  It is just strange to me that he started doing this all of the sudden after a year of never doing it, even when the female was peeing.  I am desperate for advise!


it sounds to me like your female cat was not happy in the home, why that it we may never know, it may simply be a case that she decided she would rather not live with the other cats.

As for your current situation, yes it is quite likely that your male cat is responding this way because he can smell the female cat in that spot and is a little anxious about why she is no longer around. this is normal and should pass, its a bit like grief, it has to take its course.

You may want to try and help him by taking him through the confinement method of litter training. this will give him some time to relax and calm down again. Also during this time spend lots of time with him and play games with new distraction toys this will help him to get over his upset.

i have a few pages which you may find of further help



best wishes Kate


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