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ok so i have 2 house cats they're Persian...well we had our female cat for about 12 years now and our male cat for about 7 years they have lived together for those 7 years and everything was fine except for the first few days the female cat was a bit aggressive...the male is neutered but the female is now...i'm not saying they were always "best friends" but they got along just fine. Sometimes the female cat attacked him but that was only when something frightened her...The last couple of days though whenever she just sees him she attacks him for no reason he might be sleeping and she spots him and attacks really aggressively we even tried to separate them for a few hours but it didn't work and she's always trying to look for him so she can attack him again. She's only aggressive towards him with all of us she just acts normal. We even tried spraying her with water but she's only scared of it when she's not attacking him just yet only when she's about to attack, but once she attacks him it doesn't stop her. I have no idea what to do about it they cant be in the same room together without one of them being locked in another room. Please help. THANK YOU.

My first question is are you sure she is being aggressive? i ask this as cats play with each other can look to us like aggression but is in fact play. you can tell the difference by noting if there is any growling or hissing. If there is not then it is probably only play and although looks vicious isn't actually at all. My two cats pounce on each other all the time and it looks real rough but there is never any wounds etc.

If it is aggression then she may be blaming your cat for something which has frightened her even if it has nothing to do with him (this is known as trauma aggression) when this happens you have to take them through a period of re introduction, described on this page


Also spraying with water rarely works and can make matters worse at it just causes more fear. For more information about general cat discipline I have a web page about this here /cat-discipline.html

best wishes Kate


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