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hi where do i start
we found a kitten in a bush and took it in and we love her to pieces we have taken her for injections and generally love her to pieces but her behaviour is very wild, she never seems to settle down i know kittens are playful and i accept that but even at 3 or 4 in the morning she is still going madd attacking our feet under the duvet? can we try and curb this at all? also when ever i take my top off to get in bed she trys to suckle on my nipples is this normal??? she is very persistant with it and it can be very annoying especially when tired.  also do you know any effective ways of masking litter trays smells as we have a small house it hits you when you walk through the door unless we completely change her litter eveytime she goes?    sorry to bombard you with so many questions it just we are at a bit of a wits end with it all your help would be very much appreciated, millie is chewing my laptop cable as i write this

well i am the owner of two 1 year cats who i have had since they were small and i can tell you that all the behaviors you describe are completely normal. She may have been very young when you found her and so not fully weaned from her mother and this is why she still tries to suckle. All you can do with this is not let her do it by quickly and quietly picking her up and putting her on the floor every time she tries to do this.


As for being active during the night I'm afraid this is also completely normal as night time is the normal time for cats to be active. in fact my two still wake me up at 4am every day to be let out. the only way to stop this is to keep them in a separate room over night with lots of things to keep them happy and amused until you get up.

As for litter tray smells. kittens mess is more smelly than an older cats and I know just how strong it can be. you will have to clean it often but you could try a covered litter tray which have filters in the lid to reduce smell, there are also some litters which are better at masking smells. I have web page about different litters etc which you may find of further use.



best wishes Kate


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