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Cats/pregnant cat has low appetite and moody


Hi, my inside cat found her way outside this past mothers day and ended up pregnant.  All the pregnant signs seemed normal.   Her nipples are large and pink, large belly and I felt little bumps when I palpated her belly. If my math is correct, she is due in the next week.
I was gone over fourth of July weekend and when I came back, my cat meows a lot, bites my legs, belly is smaller with loose skin and has a  low appetite. At first, I thought she was being picky about her food since I got the cheapest catfood. Now we're back to her normal dry catfood and she still won't eat.  I tore apart my apartment to see if she delivered or miscarried...nothing. Plus, she stills pees everywhere including her litterbox. Do cats still spray while pregnant?

Umm this does not sound right to me, however as I am not a vet i cannot say for sure. her behavior may just be a sign that she is getting close to giving birth however her belly would not be smaller or have loose skin at this time.

As for the spraying well if she has done it a lot before then it would not be unusual for her to continue to scent mark her territory.

if i were you i would want to take her to the vets to be seen, just in case something has gone wrong inside. At the very least it will put your mind at rest.

I do have a web page about cat pregnancy which you may find of further interest here

i hope all is well

best wishes Kate


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