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Cats/14 wk old kitten not weaned, missing mom


About 3 months ago,I took in a stray cat and her 2-3 wk old kitten. I've never owned a cat & didn't really know what to do when they appeared at my door during a rain storm. I took them in and began caring for them. The momma cat, who I named Annie, would cry at the door for hours until I let her outside, she go and come back to feed her baby. I had no idea she was doing this because she was in heat, I didn't realize at the time that a female cat can go into heat just days after giving birth. Needless to say, Annie became pregnant again. I tried to find them a permanent home, but since Annie was nursing, no one wanted both of them. I decided to care for them until the kitten was weaned, but this NEVER happened. Maybe because Annie was pregnant, her milk never dried up. The kitten eats regular food but would still want to nurse, Annie never objected or complained about nursing him. Annie gave birth 10 days ago to 5 healthy kittens. Yesterday, I was finally able to get Annie and her babies into a "no kill" shelter, she was on the waiting list for 10 weeks, I was hoping to get her there before she gave birth, but the didn't happen  I kept Jake, the older kitten, giving up Annie was very hard, I just couldn't give him up as well. My question is, since Jake was never fully weaned, will having Annie suddenly taken away, affect his development or cause him harm? He is a least 14 wks old. Shortly after Annie gave birth , Jake stopped eating regular food and only wanted to nurse, I tried my best to separate them, but Annie didn't like to be away from him and when I allowed them to visit, Jake would nurse. He still refuses to eat,and tries to suck on my toes. I assume he will start eating again, and he just misses his mom. Is there anything I can do to help him transition?

Some cats do take longer to become fully weaned than others but it will happen, you can help him with the weaning by offering food on your finger etc. Please see this page for more information


I wouldn't worry too much about him missing his mum. yes he will wonder where she has gone but they would naturally leave their mum at this gae anyway so I'm sure he will be fine in a few days time.

You need to try and keep him as occupied as possible to help him through this time. i do have a page about this here, even if they go out they still need lots inside to keep them happy.


Don't worry too much, i'm sure he will find his feet soon and setle into the home etc.

best wishes Kate  


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