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Hi I have two sister cats, Roxy and Lilly that will be two
in November. They were both spayed about a year ago.Roxy has
always been the more active, slimmer cat whilst Lilly prefers to hang around the house venturing outside now and
again.When they were kittens they would chase each other
around the house. Roxy has always been a bit of a daddies
girl with Lilly lying on my chest whilst I'm in bed (not all
night just till we go to sleep!!) morning and night. this
has become less and less with her now only really being in
the house to be fed preferring to sleep in a covered over  
area in the garden. She also cant seem to tolerate her
sister with her hissing, growling with ears pinned back at
her every time they meet. They have the occasional fight
which is not serious which seems such a shame as they used
to like each other. Roxy also likes to pounce on her, like
when they were kittens which results in a hissy fit from
lilly!! Is there something we can do or will they grow out
of it? thanks

unfortunately cats can go through periods like this. i have two brother cats who love each other one minute and then are weary of each other the next.

i really don't think there is much we  can do about it apart from remaining calm during these episodes so as not to frighten the cats even more. hopefully it is just a faze which they will move on from

best wishes Kate


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