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Cats/Cat really hates fiance


QUESTION: We've been together for over three years and we got two boy kittens
(Toemany and Provelone) about a year and a half ago. In the beginning (up
until about 4 months ago), my fiance and both of the cats got along really
great. Then all of the sudden Provelone started liking him less and less up to
the point where my fiance can't even go anywhere near him without him
growling, hissing, and screaming at him. We're always around each other, and
he's the one who plays with them more (it was his idea to get cat nip and the
cat tree), but for some reason, Provelone just cannot stand him. We've tried
slowly going up to him and being very gentle and nice, but nothing helps. He
will run to me and smash his face on mine and just stare at my fiance. He has
scratched him and bitten him, but nothing serious. Any help please? I don't
know what to do anymore.

ANSWER: Well this is odd if it is a behavior which has developed over time.

All I can assume is that perhaps your boyfriend is using different body spray, deodorant or aftershave.

Some scents can mimic scents which cause cats to be afraid, I have seen this happen before.

Ask your boyfriend to use unscented body products for awhile and leave the after shave off. then don't try to touch the cat but spend time just sitting with him on the floor. Over time the cat should be able to build up his confidence to approach your boyfriend again.

Also your boyfriend could get into the habit of sitting on the floor with him and giving himva few treats every day, remember he mustn't try to touch the cat.

I have a page about bonding with a cat which you may find of further interest here

best wishes Kate

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QUESTION: He has been using the same deodorant, body spray, and body wash since we
met. He doesn't like the smell of any others. This is really weird because
Provelone used to love him more than he loved me. He would always go to
him and I could never get him to come to me.

All I can say then that something has upset your cat and he is associating it with your boyfriend. cats do suffer from something odd called aggression trauma. It is a  odd thing where by a cat is scared by something say a loud noise and they then blame their fear onto something or someone else. It often happens between animals whereby one cat beats up his brother not for any reason other than something else has frightened him.

when this happens it is purely a case if re building bonds over a period of time.

I hope things return to normal soon

best wishes Kate


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