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Hi Kate,
 I recently adopted a 3 1/2 year old male shorthair shelter cat as a companion
for my 3 year old maine coon mix named Oro. Kismet (the new addition to the
family) is very affectionate and has a licking obsession. He not only licks me
and my boyfriend but also various inanimate objects, especially bags (plastic,
cloth, all kinds). He arrived with an infection of the eyes which cleared up after
treatment with antibiotic eyedrops. He has had a tendency to vomit fairly
regularly but after testing for parasites I attributed it to changes in diet or side
effects from the antibiotics, however, it didn't stop after the antibiotics were
finished and after I adjusted their diet to include more dry food and less wet.
Oro, who has never had a history of vomiting before (even after being given
emetics at the vet's office) started vomiting as well and his diet hasn't
changed at all. Today, Oro began licking strange objects as well, the front
door, the bottom of my lamp. I've adjusted their diet since this began to
include less wet food thinking that it may be too rich. They'll often be fine for
days then suddenly get sick in spurts. Could this just be anxiety from each
others' presence? Kismet was in the community cat room at the shelter so he
is accustomed to company but Oro has primarily been by himself. They
seemed to adjust to each other very quickly and quite enjoy chasing each
other about the house and pouncing on each other. Other than the vomiting
and licking they are active, eating, drinking, sleeping and otherwise behaving
perfectly normally which leads me to believe they aren't necessarily sick. Any
idea if this could be a behavioral issue?

Well my first thought was that this cat may have something called pica which is a behavioral issue where the cat likes to eat or perhaps lick non food items.

See this page for more on this


the vomiting could be down to a change in diet and also nerves but it is strange that your other cat is also vomiting. i wonder if they picked up a little virus which is upsetting their tummies. This should remedy itself if this is the case.

You could try feeding the cat smaller amounts but more often. this will prevent them eating too much at one sitting and causing sickness. My old cat was like that.

If I were you I would keep an eye on both cats for a week or so and if the vomiting continues then i would want to consult with my vet just to make sure that there are no other possible causes.

Hope they are Ok again soon

best wishes Kate


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